….As you like it

Cobra bedding can make beds, mattresses and headboards to order in any size you require!

With many years of expertise in bedding products, Cobra Bedding are aware that everyone is different. Some customers are happy with standard bed dimensions and designs; however, some people require a bespoke bed to suit their needs.

Standard beds are suitable for most people but if you are particularly tall you may want a longer bed. Indeed, some of our customers opt for a wider bed. Whatever your requirements Cobra Bedding can satisfy your needs.

Obviously, we also offer bespoke mattresses to match your bespoke bed – so whether you require a longer mattress or a wider mattress. we can meet your individual requirements.

Cobra bedding in partnership with select manufacturers will craft a Divan Bed to suit your requirements.

Maybe you are just curious or maybe you already know the length and width you would like. Either way contact Cobra bedding and we will ensure you get exactly what you want to ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

Ideally call into our showroom in Louth Village and our bedding experts will be on hand to advise you better.

Ottoman Lift-Up Beds

The ottoman lift up bed comes in a variety of different colour and fabrics.


The ottoman has 4 different styles of headboards. Available in 3'0 (single), 4'6" (double), 5'0 (king), 6'0 (super king)

vogue headboard


turin headboard



solitude headboard


tiffany headboard


deco headboard


Designer - Bespoke Headboards & Divan Bases

Divans come with a variety of storage, fabric and colour options to complement the aesthetics of any bedroom.

Designer base & headboard with 1 long bottom drawer
Designer base and headboard with 2 drawers 1 large 1 small
Gold standard base

Divan Base Storage Options

The space under a bed is extremely valuable, so it's worth making the most of it.
Increase the storage in your room by taking advantage of the multiple drawer options available with all our divans.
Divan beds include a wide range of storage options to suit all of your needs. You can choose between drawer or ottoman storage options with a divan bed, or a combination of the two!

3'0 (Single)

  • No Storage
  • 2 drawers one side (left or right)

4'0 (small double),  4'6'' (double), 5'0 (king), 6'0 (super king)

  • No Storage
  • 2 drawers one side (left or right)
  • 2 drawers (bottom)
  • 4 drawers - 2 large drawers on both sides
  • 4 drawers - 2 small (at top) & 2 large (bottom) on both sides
  • End Drawer (not available in 6'0)

Designer - Headboards Range

Choose from a wide range of both contemporary and traditionally designed headboards.

designer headboards range 1
designer headboards range 2

Designer - Divan Base Fabric Colours available

We know how important it is to select the correct colour to match your decor scheme. To help you choose what's right, we have illustrated all the options available. However the images shown are an approximate rendering of this item and are for guidance only. They are not a representation or warranty regarding the final product.

designer divan base fabrics Range
designer divan base fabrics Range